Training for First Responders and Other Victim Services Providers

The Rape Foundation supports training and educational programs for police, prosecutors, paramedics, medical and mental health practitioners, school personnel, and other providers of services to victims to enhance the treatment victims receive wherever they turn for help. The Foundation also sponsors an annual “Chiefs Conference” for detectives and other law enforcement personnel who provide services for victims of sexual assault crimes.

We are changing the culture by engaging men in preventing rape

The Foundation’s visionary Men’s Leadership Council sponsors innovative education programs for adults who have key roles in shaping the values and moral character of youth, including an annual, highly successful, Conference for Coaches.

The Men’s Leadership Council also sponsors programs to educate boys and men about their unique role in the prevention of sexual violence and empowers them to take action.

Education and Prevention Programs

The Rape Foundation has supported education and prevention programs for students in middle schools, high schools, and on college campuses, including the Rape Treatment Center’s Roads to Respect™ Program. These programs foster empathy, social responsibility, and moral courage. Students learn about the impacts of sexual assault/abuse/harassment and other forms of peer mistreatment, online and offline; effective prevention strategies; and how to safely intervene if they are witnesses in situations in which they could help prevent their peers from being victimized. These values and skills are the foundation for healthy, safe relationships. These programs also inform students about the importance of support in the aftermath of victimization and how to get help if they and/or their friends are victims. These efforts also help empower students to be leaders and agents of change within their schools and other peer communities

Building Communities of Support

The Rape Foundation also helps create communities of support and safer schools for students by providing education and training for teachers, coaches, counselors, parents, administrators and other school personnel about how to create a culture of empathy, kindness and respect; implement effective prevention programs, policies, and responses to incidents of sexual abuse, bullying, and sexual harassment; and provide support for students who have been victimized.

My daughter was raped by several boys at a party while she was unconscious. Photographs were taken and posted online…. prevention is not about self-defense classes, alcohol, or the way women dress. It is about fostering empathy and moral character in our children.

– Parent of a high school student

The decisions first responders make are critical to the safety, health, and psychological recovery of victims, as well as to the preservation of evidence to support criminal prosecutions in sexual assault cases.

– Michel Moore, Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department

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