Our Mission

The mission of The Rape Foundation is to support comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatment for victims of rape, sexual assault and other forms of sexual abuse – adults and children; prevention and education initiatives that reduce the prevalence of these forms of violence and abuse; and training programs for police and other service providers to enhance the treatment victims receive wherever they turn for help. The Foundation also supports policy and institutional reforms, multi-agency partnerships, and other innovative service delivery models that increase victim access to needed services, encourage help-seeking and reporting, and foster justice and healing.

-Albert Einstein

Letter from the President

The Rape Foundation’s work is inspired and guided by what we learn from victims of sexual assault and other types of sexual abuse – adults and children.  Their experiences illuminate the healing and resilience that expert, compassionate treatment and support in the aftermath of victimization make possible.  Their experiences also inform us about what needs to be changed in our laws, public policies, institutions, and service delivery systems. This information guides all of the treatment services, prevention and education programs, and policy reform initiatives that we support.

The leadership of our Foundation, and our donors who help sustain our programs, bring knowledge, compassion, generosity, and courage to our work – knowledge about the profound and lasting impacts of these cruel forms of victimization; compassion for victims of sexual violence and abuse; generosity in contributing their time, skills and resources to support our mission; and the courage to take action and advocate for needed reforms.

The Rape Foundation needs your support!

Gail Abarbanel
The Rape Foundation

Board of Directors

Leslie McMorrow*, Co-Chair
Wendy Wachtell*, Co-Chair
Aileen Adams*
John Armour*

*Executive Committee

Viola Davis
James T. McCracken, M.D.
Lauren Nathan, M.D.

Thomas L. Pfister*
Cheryl Saban*
David Schwimmer*

Advisory Board

Elizabeth Faraut, President
Linda Gersh, Vice-President
Paige Adams-Geller
Kevin Bright
Louise Brinsley
Heather Thomas Brittenham
Susan Dey
Reggie Fisher
Seth Freeman

Peter Galier, M.D.
Bruce Heavin
Terri L. Hines
Tony Jonas
Quincy Jones
Meghan Kendall
Lyn Davis Lear
Norman Lear

Steve Levine
Ronald Moss
Mitchell Quaranta
Donna Arkoff Roth
Eula M. Smith
Lynda Weinman
Marilyn Wells
Adele Yellin

Support Council

Colleen Bub, Treasurer
Lori Altman
Nancy Camara
Cori Davenport
Marni Eshel
Heather John Fogarty

Shirley Stamen Jaffe
Abby Kohl
Margo Lane
Jennifer Lechter
Mary Ann Murphy
Tracey Ross

Jessica Samuel
Robbi Schiff
Deena Singer
Lynelle Wagner
Jeanne Williams

We need men to lead by example. We need men to challenge other men. We need boys to observe men taking a stand.

– Jackson Katz, Ph.D.

Men’s Leadership Council (MLC)

The MLC educates men and boys about their unique role in the prevention of sexual violence and abuse and engages them in taking action to address these issues in our community. The MLC is committed to using their voices and resources to affect social change. The MLC provides diverse opportunities for men to have leadership roles in helping to make rape and child sexual abuse “men’s issues”.

The MLC hosts educational events for men in our community. The MLC also sponsors innovative training programs for adults who have important roles in shaping the values and moral character of youth, including the annual event, Conference for Coaches.

Executive Committee

Trent Jones, Chair
Dan Rush, Co-Chair
Jason Behr
Joel Brand
Nick English

Stephen Grynberg
Teddy Karatz
Steve Levine
Julius Tennon