Roads to Respect Conference – 2018

Roads to Respect Conference – 2018

On February 8, 2018, the Rape Foundation sponsored the 7th annual Roads to Respect™ Conference focused on Inspiring Moral Courage: Equipping Kids to be Ethical Citizens in Private, Public, and Online Spaces. The conference is inspired and guided by the work of the Rape Treatment Center which illuminates the many and ever-changing challenges and stresses kids experience in their everyday lives, as well as their need for mentoring and support from caring adults. The conference is dedicated to disseminating information about how adults can help children thrive – by guiding them in dealing with these challenges and fostering the development of skills, values, empathy, and respect for others that will enable them to have healthy, safe, meaningful relationships (online and offline); be socially responsible citizens in their peer groups, schools, and larger communities; and fulfill their own unique sense of purpose in life. The Presenters brought current research about iGen and the impacts of this generation’s immersion in social media; practical strategies for teaching and nurturing empathy in kids and empowering them to be Upstanders when they witness various forms of peer mistreatment; and the knowledge and tools they need to be ethical citizens and make ethical choices online.

Attendee Quotes

“Phenomenal…the speakers were outstanding. Loved the breadth and depth of the conference”

“This conference was extraordinary! Thank you!”

“I cried, I laughed and I learned an immeasurable amount to bring back to my school!”

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