about us

From Our President

The Rape Foundation was established in 1989. Our work is inspired by the experiences of rape victims and sexually abused children. What we learn from them helps to guide all of the treatment, prevention, and education programs and policy reform initiatives that we support.

The people who created the Foundation, and those who help sustain it, bring compassion, knowledge, generosity, determination, and courage to our work: compassion for victims of sexual violence and abuse; knowledge about the profound and lasting impacts of these cruel forms of victimization; generosity in contributing time, thoughtfulness, skills, and resources to support expert care for victims and to efforts that prevent these crimes; determination to change the attitudes, policies, and institutional practices that reflect “blame-the-victim” responses, discriminatory treatment, and other injustices; and courage to take action and not be silent whenever we know about or witness sexual violence and other forms of sexual abuse and related victim mistreatment.

We are strongly committed to contributing in meaningful ways to a culture within which rape, child sexual abuse, bullying, and peer sexual harassment are rare events, instead of common experiences in the lives of women and men, girls and boys. We envision a community in which the heroes among us – both children and adults – are those who stand up and speak up to support victims and to prevent these forms of abuse. We believe that the silence that has for so long surrounded these crimes must end.

We invite you to participate in our work.

Gail Abarbanel
President, The Rape Foundation