Conference for Coaches – 2017

On February 25, 2017, The Men’s Leadership Council (“MLC”) of The Rape Foundation held its first Conference for Coaches focusing on the critical role coaches have in shaping the values and character of their athletes, while they also face  intense pressure to win…from schools, alumni, parents, and communities. Nationally recognized speakers. LL COOL J and MARCELLUS WILEY shared personal experiences about  the impact their coaches have had on their lives and about helping kids find their unique vision and purpose. Featured presenter, JOE EHRMANN, former NFL player and founder of COACH FOR AMERICA, spoke about transforming the current “win-at-all costs” sports culture to a culture that defines and promotes sports as a human growth experience. 200 coaches from Southern California schools attended. The MLC sponsors educational initiatives for men and boys that build character and foster social responsibility. Our partners in this initiative included LA84 Foundation and the Positive Coaching Alliance.


Photography credit: Thomas Neerken

Attendee quotes:

“I believe every coach, administrator, and mentor who leads young people needs to hear this message.  Extremely impactful, I enjoyed every minute!”

“This was a wonderful, thought provoking discussion that will help me redefine my role as a high school coach”

“This was an awesome conference! All the speakers were charismatic, professional and engaging! Thank you for a great day! I am also interested in the work of The Rape Foundation. Thank you for hosting!”