The Rape Foundation 2012 Annual Brunch

The Rape Foundation Annual Brunch, held on October 14, 2012, was hosted by Academy Award nominated actress, Viola Davis, and honored Foundation Board member, Norman Lear. Davis spoke to an audience of 800 people with powerful statements about her experience visiting the Rape Treatment Center and Stuart House in addition to sharing her personal connection to sexual violence after seeing how it affected a family member.

This year’s event honored Norman Lear for being a pioneering male voice advocating for victims of rape. He raised national awareness about rape in 1977 after creating an episode of All in the Family that focused on one of the main character’s experience being raped. This episode, “Edith’s 50th Birthday”, reached 40 million people and forever changed the nation’s consciousness about rape.

Special guests this year also included Pennsylvania Attorney General, Linda Kelly, and her Chief of Staff, Bruce Beemer, who were recognized for their work in prosecuting Jerry Sandusky.