The injustice of untested rape kits

Untested Rape Kits

The science of DNA can now be used to identify rapists and prosecute them.

In a rape case, the victim’s body is a crime scene. When victims consent to the collection of evidence during a medical examination, the evidence is packaged in a “rape kit.” The kits are sent to police crime labs for processing.

Historically, many of these rape kits were never tested. For example, in Los Angeles alone, over 12,000 rape kits sat unopened for years in police departments and crime lab freezers. This means rape cases are not fully investigated and dangerous criminals who could be identified by DNA in these kits instead remain on the streets where they can commit more crimes. Victims are denied justice, and public safety is jeopardized.

The Rape Foundation helped bring this issue to light, and continues to work with law enforcement agencies and public officials to remedy this injustice.