What the Tech?

The Rape Foundation sponsored a ground-breaking conference in Los Angeles at The California Endowment on January 26, 2012:  What the Tech:  The Impact of Digital Technology on Kids’ Social and Emotional Development – Fostering Empathy, Learning, and Wise Choices. The conference brought together national experts to talk with parents, educators, and child development professionals about how kids are spending their time online and how the adults in their lives can help them navigate and derive the most benefit from their participation in the digital world. 

Speaker panel

The conference covered a wide range of topics, including how communicating from behind a screen affects empathy, social skills, and peer relationships; some surprising truths about kids’ use of video games; how kids’ learning in the digital world transfers to real world situations; and how we can teach kids to be helpful allies to their peers both online and offline.  Click here for further information and videos of the presentations delivered at the What the Tech conference.