Bringing state-of-the-art, comprehensive care to rape victims and sexually abused children; providing prevention programs to reduce the incidence of these crimes; and giving training to victim service providers to enhance the treatment victims receive wherever they turn for help.

When you help, your donations support:

Rape Treatment Center

Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center
Nationally recognized as a model for the care and treatment of rape victims, and for its exemplary prevention and education programs, the RTC has changed the nation’s consciousness about rape. Read more >


Stuart House

Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center
A model program serving sexually abused children, Stuart House brings together multiple agencies and comprehensive treatment services in a child-friendly facility to meet the special needs of young victims and their families. Read more >


Verna Harrah Clinic

Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center
An innovative facility dedicated to highly-specialized,  24-hour emergency medical care, forensic services, and counseling for sexual assault victims – children and adults – in the immediate aftermath of a sexual assault. Read more >


“When your world crashes into a million pieces like mine did that night, the Rape Treatment Center is like a lifeline. They helped me sweep up the pieces and glue my life back together. I felt like I died that night – and the Rape Treatment Center gave me a second chance at life.”

Jennifer, raped at age 17

If you are a victim, or someone seeking
information about how to assist a victim, visit: